Sao Paulo, August 29, 2021

According to a study by the Semeia Institute and the Boston Consulting Group, increased investment in National Parks could create one million jobs in Brazil. Accordingly, tourism in Brazil accounts for 7.7% of the gross domestic product. In a ranking of 25 nations made by the WEF (World Economic Forum) , Brazil classified as the 18th when comparing the dimension of its natural resources with the participation in the GNP. The list is headed by Croatia (with 25%), followed by Thailand (19.7%) and Mexico (15.5%). Eco tourism activities in National Parks could contribute up to the 7.2 billion Euros to GNP, according to the study. To achieve this, investments in the parks infrastructures would have to be increased and the domestic tourism of Brazilians, classified as "far below potential", would have to be intensified. The benefits of such investments are also ecological, as ecotourism helps to conserve natural resources, creates greater ecological awareness, and offers healthier alternatives to leisure activities.

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