Amazon Expeditions

From the lost world of the mystical Roraima tepuis to the unexplored rainforest of the Amazon and its tributaries

Yanomami tribe

Follow the tracks of the famous 18th century explorer, geologist, naturalist, humanist and philosopher Alexander von Humboldt

One of the last great travel adventures of our time.

The Quarup Ritual

Witness the famous mortuary ritual carried out by the native tribes of the Upper Xingú in the Amazon.

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Pico da Neblina - Brazil's highest peak

Amazon Neblina Tours is a subdivision and the regional organization of Amazon Travel Brazil which in turn is a division of Southern Cross Tours & Expeditions, Among a variety of tours focusing on nature, cultural and social aspects in Brazil's wild and unknown back country, it is the journey to Brazil's highest mountain, the 2,994 m Pico da Neblina, located amidst the Amazonian rainforest, that is the most demanding – and the most rewarding – for the experienced traveler and hiker. As the only outfitter with an own operational basis in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, we offer to the demanding traveller the best option for expeditions and tours into the deep forest by putting safety and content as top priorities.

Mount Roraima seen from Tek River

The expedition to Mount Roraima covers one of the most impressive landscapes of South America: the Gran Sabana, in Southern Venezuela. A huge highland of some 14,000 sq miles, covered by mysterious table mountains, called tepuys (also tepui), with difficult access and many of them still undiscovered by science. A region that has been isolated for millions of years and where nature has developed endemic species on each of the tepuys, with a density rarely seen elsewhere, except Galapagos Islands. A world that has been described in the tale “The lost world” by Scottish writer Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes).The aim of the expedition is the 2,810 m high Roraima table mountain (tepuy), located in the border region between Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Here we will penetrate one of the oldest regions on the planet. Even for experienced trekkers and natural adventurer, this expedition is a special and unforgettable experience. Not just another hike or outdoor activity, it is instead an unique trip for Nature lovers.

The urubú-rei waterfalls

The 1,465 m high Monte Caburaí mountain is located in the state of Roraima at Brazil's northernmost frontier, bordering with Guyana and Venezuela. The region is part of the highland of the Brazilian shield which consists of a roughly 600 million old Precambrian landmass.

The mountain is part of the "Mount Roraima National Park", situated on a huge plateau at 1,000 m altitude. The breathtaking landscape is marked by several peaks and canyons covered with dense tropical rainforest und countless waterfalls. The region offers rich biodiversity and a once in a life time adventure for lovers of pristine tropical Nature.

Rivers - roads of the Amazon rainforest

You will experience the adventure of a lifetime in the deep wilderness of the untamed Amazonian rainforest. Explore the upper Rio Negro and its tributaries in dug-out canoes and on hiking tours along the Curicuriari river. You will sleep under the stars in jungle camps and stay at an Indio village, where the Tukano people will welcome you. Goal of this expedition is the top of the 1,125 m high Bela Adormecida mountain, the Sleeping Beauty Mountain.