Tour Overview



  • The bustling jungle metropolis and gateway to deep Amazonia
  • Visit of past and modern attractions
  • Excursions to “Meeting of the Waters” and Rubber Museum


Novo Airão

  • The Amazon Pink Amazon River Dolphin Inia geoffrensis
  • Handy craft from the warrior tribe of the Waimiri-Atroari
  • Port and traditional Amazonian shipyard


Anavilhanas Archipelago National Park

A labyrinth of 400 islands and the biggest sweet water archipelago on earth amidst the Rio Negro River


Jaú National Park

Whether on board our Amazon cabin – boat, gliding with our silent canoes through flooded forest or hiking terra firme terrain, you will be deeply touched by the untamed wilderness of Brazil's biggest National Park. The Park encompasses 2,272,000 ha and is home to uncountable species of birds, macaws, alligators, anacondas, giant otters, tapirs, jaguars. The Parks’ aquatic system is composed of 3 big rivers (Unini to the north, Carabinani to the south and Jau at the centre) and an infinity of small black water rivers. The water level of the rivers varies drastically during the year. It is the only conservation unit in Brazil that covers totally the basin of a big river, the Jáu with its 450 km extension. The forest at the margins of the rivers are called igapó forests, and are submitted to periods of 6 to 8 months of flooding during the year. The parts of the forest that do not flood are known as terra firme. This type of forest is tropical, dense and humid, with trees that measure up to 40 meters high, like the Samaúma. In this very diverse climate there can be up to 200 species per hectare.


Madada, and Airão Velho, the abandoned city on Rio Jaú

Mystical caves, wall carvings and ruins of a once prosperous, now lost city amidst the Amazon



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