Tour Overview



  • The bustling jungle metropolis and gateway to deep Amazônia


Novo Airão

  • Swimming with pink Amazon river dolphin Inia geoffrensis
  • Almerinda Malaquia Foundation – a social project that works


Anavilhanas Archipel

  • Midst the Rio Negro: a labyrinth of 400 islands and the biggest sweet water archipelago on earth


Jaú National Park

  • Explore on board our silent canoes and on foot, a piece of the 2.272.000 ha of untamed wilderness inside Brazil's biggest National Park. The park is home of uncountable species of birds, macaws, alligators, anacondas, giant otters, tapirs, jaguars. Be an overnight guest with a cabóclo family and experience how to live from the river and the forest


Madada, Unini river and Airão Velho, the abandoned city on Rio Jaú

  • Mystical caves, wall carvings and ruins of a once prosperous, now lost city midst the Amazon


Downtown Manaus
Downtown Manaus

Manaus is located on the left banks of the black water Rio Negro river and about 18 km from meeting with the waters of the clay-like white water Rio Solimões, at which point both rivers join into the great Amazon river. The 'Jungle Metropolis' is the gateway to the inner Amazon region and has been of significant importance for the conquest of the whole region, a fact for which, the jungle theater and the harbor among others, deliver rich testimony. Founded by the Portuguese military during the 17th century, the significant economic development of Manaus took place at the end of the 19th century, with the worldwide demand for rubber or caoutchouc, at an all time high. At that time Brazil had the monopoly for the commodity which was extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree.

Our excursions, tours and expeditions to the nearer and deeper Amazonian environment start in Manaus. The purpose of our journey is to introduce you to the miracles of the Amazonian forest and river systems, one of the last great natural environments of the planet and cradle of the species. This is exactly what the tour to Brazil's biggest of all national parks, the Parque Nacional de Jaú, is all about.



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